Hardy's Emerald Egglocke. Hardy is a youtuber who did let's plays of various egglockes and offered the sav files he used for download. pokemon-emerald-egglocke-sav-file: pokemon emerald egglocke sav file.

Hi guys, im going to be doing an egglocke for youtube, but as we know, egglocke's have kinda died, so im making this thread as many people.

BulbaJohn and Gold's Emerald Egglocke! Hello Everyone, and welcome to our new versus! Yeah at the end of the last versus Aidan and I did. I'm intrigued by this egglocke run and I really like the eggs I bred, so I'm Emerald is really just meh for me at this point so hopefully these. Basically, an Egglocke is as follows. I can only use Pokémon I hatch from eggs. Any Pokémon I don't hatch from eggs is illegal and breaks the rules of the.

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    Emerald Egglocke

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